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Weeks 6 and 7 - Earth Day presentations, Viewpoints pp 12-19

April 22-May 3, 2012

Week 6 - Revise Prezis from Feebback, complete Viewpoints pp 12-19

April 22-April 26, 2012


Activities this week include

  • revising Prezis for presentation from teacher feedback,
  • learning in Viewpoints how to organize an effective presentation on Introduction, Body, Conclusion


Handouts for Week 6 

  • Upload the handout for April 22 Classes A and B here
  • Upload the handout for April 23 Classes C and D here
  • Revised assignment in your text Viewpoints April 24-26 and presentations Week 7 - Handout


Instructions for Week 6 

  • Listen to Tim’s presentation in class and complete the exercises on pages 13-15
  • Read page 16 and complete page 17 on your own
  • Complete Pages 18-19 with information about YOUR Prezi presentation


You must complete this work and present your Prezi before the end of next week. 


Week 7 - Give your Prezi presentation in class, start SURVEYS in Viewpoints

April 29-May 3, 2012

Download the handout given in class on April 29-30

See how your Earth Day project is marked


Please listen QUIETLY to your colleagues presentations

  • I will try to arrange for officers to attend 
  • You should REHEARSE your presentation and prepare its introduction, body, and conclusion 
  • You will hand in your Viewpoints book with pages 18-19 completed before giving your presentation 
  • You will be marked on
    • How well you have revised your Prezi so that you can give it effectively
    • Your preparation on pages 18-19 in Viewpoints
    • Your delivery (see the handout for details)


It you cannot present when called on then there can be no second chance as in Week 8 we must move on to unit 2 in Viewpoints, on Surveys


Begin Viewpoints Unit 2 on SURVEYS


  1. Complete pages 20-21 in your Viewpoints workbook 
    (survey your classmates BETWEEN classes, not while others are trying to present)
  2. Complete this survey about Prezi: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XLR7YQG


Your first PORTFOLIO entry in Blogger


Prepare your first entry in Google Docs


Why will you keep a blog?


You have been given a copy of the Academic Communication course documents



Here you will find the "Assessment Strategy" explaining how you get your grade.  At the start of the course, when you were given this document, your teacher put this up on the whiteboard and went over it with you.


Here it says that 15% of your grade is a "Portfolio" where you "maintain a log book, blog, or diary to evaluate and reflect on the development of their personal speaking skills."


You will keep a blog where you will make entries with links to your online accomplishments


Develop your ideas for your blog


We will use Google Docs to help you create your blog and make your first entry (called a 'post')


Your blog needs 

    1. A NICE name for the blog
    2. The Blog URL
    3. A NICE title for your first post, or entry
    4. Some text for the first post


Please copy these 4 bullets to a Google Doc

    • fill in the 4 items with the name for your blog, its URL, etc.
    • Change UNTITLED DOCUMENT to your name and class
    • share the doc with your teacher


Here is an example of what each of these parts does



Start your NEW blog


  • Click here for a screencast showing how to start your blog in Blogger
  • Follow the instructions to create a blog with the Name for the blog and URL from #1 and #2 above


Make your first post, or entry


  • Create a post with the Title for the first entry in #3 above
  • Paste the text for the post from #4 above


If you use the text from the Google Doc which your teacher has corrected,

then you will be able to avoid errors that you would have to repair later



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