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Weeks 8 and 9 - Start reflective blogs, Surveys in Viewpoints pp.20-21

May 6-17, 2012

First class of Week 8

You were given this handout for week 8


Complete pp.20-21 in Viewpoints

Please Complete this survey about Prezi: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XLR7YQG


Write an ORIGINAL topic of interest to Young People at the bottom of p. 20

On page 21 write out your survey question and poll your classmates on it.


By end of Week 9


Complete pp.23-27 in Viewpoints


  • Listen to Track 8 of the CD in class, then fill in exercises A and B on pl 23
  • Listen to Track 9 of the CD in class to fill in p. 27
    • Then go back and complete p.25 from p.27 and from the notes on p.24


From what you know NOW about surveys, and from your answer, ex. C p. 21

THINK of a GOOD survey TOPIC, and a question to ask classmates

 - (this should be your OWN question, different from anyone else's) 

CREATE a new Google Doc, write your topic and question there, share it with your teacher 


Start your Blogs in Google Blogger


Complete this from last week ...

Begin Viewpoints Unit 2 on SURVEYS

Complete pages 20-21 in your Viewpoints workbook 

  • Here you should have an ORIGINAL survey question about what young people want to know
  • Survey your classmates BETWEEN classes, not while others are trying to present


See what blogs your fellow students have created


Class A

Abdelaziz Sultan http://nc13mycreativity.blogspot.com/ 

Abdullah Mohammed Ahmed http://academiccommunicationcourse.blogspot.com/ -  http://teenmustkeep.blogspot.com/

Abdullah Saif http://www.kalbaeyes.blogspot.com/

Ahmed Jasim http://ahmedjasim.blogspot.com/ 

Ahmed Mohammed http://nc13mycountry.blogspot.com/ 

Ammar Khalid http://nc13striver.blogspot.com/ 

Fahad Mohammed http://www.fahadshaker.blogspot.com/ 

Hilal Yousef http://hilalalnaemi.blogspot.com 

Khaled Salem http://www.prezi-in-life.blogspot.com/ 

Mohammed Hatem http://www.nc13mylive.blogspot.com/ 

Obaid Saeed http://www.nc13ait.blogspot.com/ 

Omar Abdullah http://learningacademic.blogspot.com/ - http://omarmakeitgreen.blogspot.com/ 

Osama Mohammed http://goodthingo.blogspot.com/  

Saif Khalfan http://www.saifiano.blogspot.com/

Sultan Ghazi

Sultan Rashed http://sulta456.blogspot.com/ and http://sultannc.blogspot.com/ -  http://sultannc13.blogspot.com/

Taresh Abdullah http://nc13taresh.blogspot.com/

Tariq Sulaiman http://thegreenland44.blogspot.com/

Waleed Ahmed http://waleidnc13.blogspot.com/

Yousef Darwish http://pollutionsolutio.blogspot.com/

Zayed Ahmed http://nc13town.blogspot.com/ - http://nc13mytown.blogspot.com/



Class B

Abdullah Ali http://abdullaalialshamsi.blogspot.com/

Abullah Mohamed Hasen http://alshehh.blogspot.com/ 

Abdullah Tareq http://fast197.blogspot.com/ 

Ahmed Ali http://12t37h.blogspot.com/ 

Ahmed Mohammed http://acquiredskills.blogspot.com/

Ali Khamis http://alialmazrouee.blogspot.com/

Ali Mohamed - http://alieportfolio.blogspot.com/

 http://alicomposition.blogspot.com/  http://navy33.blogspot.com/ 

Ali Sultan http://9896667.blogspot.com/

Fahd Khalid http://fahad-yy777livecom.blogspot.com/

Fahem Hassan http://fahem11234.blogspot.com  http://fahem1992.blogspot.com/

Hamad Ali http://nc13.blogspot.com/

Hamad Obeid http://hamadalbaraiki.blogspot.com/ 

Mohamed A. Al Seraidy http://vancestudent22.blogspot.com/

Mohammed A. Al-Hebsi http://whatweunderstandfromclass.blogspot.com/

Mohammed Rashed http://mohammedrashedsaeed.blogspot.com/

Mohammed Saoud  

Mohammed Yousef alakrah.blogspot.com/ has been removed, no longer on web

Saeed Ateeq http://saeedalhamly.blogspot.com/

Salem Musabah http://salemalali.blogspot.com/  

Salem Saeed http://779327.blogspot.com/  http://123ttrde5f.blogspot.com/

Sultan Musabbah http://uae-enemy.blogspot.com/



Class C


Abdullah Mohammed Ali http://shehhiaj.blogspot.com/

Abdulrahman Ismail http://reflectedlearning.blogspot.com/

Ahmed Mohammed Rashed http://uae-0120.blogspot.com/ (can't read it - change the text color or change the template :-)

Ahmed Mubarak http://uae-hestory.blogspot.com/

Ali Ahmed Saif http://alameed94.blogspot.com/

Hamad Mohammed http://alsaridi.blogspot.com/

Jasim Ahmed http://jasimshehhi.blogspot.com/

Majid Ahmed http://royalalneaimi.blogspot.com/ 

Majid Saeed http://hreen.blogspot.com/

Moath http://almarashda.blogspot.com/ 

Mohammed Abdullah Hassan http://altenaiji1.blogspot.com/

Mohammed Rashid Ali http://al-dhnhani.blogspot.com/

Mohammed Saleh http://almansouri643.blogspot.com/ 

Naser Ali Mohammed http://rakhebsi.blogspot.com/

Naser Ali Naser http://waslawy23.blogspot.com/

Rashed Hamad Saeed http://rashed-alkalbani.blogspot.com/ 

Saeed Mubarak http://almazrouee.blogspot.com/

Saeed Rashed http://alhebsi77.blogspot.com/ and http://alhebsi626.blogspot.com/

Salem Abdullah Hilal

Salem Abdullah Humaidi http://salem-friend.blogspot.com/

Sultan Rashid http://al-ain533.blogspot.com/ 


Class D

Abdulateef Ibrahim

Abdullah Hamdan http://aboodhamdan.blogspot.com/

Abdullah Musabbah http://alktei.blogspot.com/ 

AbdulRahman Rashed http://abdulrahmanalmehrzi.blogspot.com/ 

Hamid Ahmed http://hamedalkaabi.blogspot.com

Hassan Ali http://sdlkjvfkjsabva.blogspot.com/

Ibrahim Obaid http://ebrahiem-obaid.blogspot.com/

Mohammed Ahmed  

Mohammed Yousef http://sport4everr.blogspot.com/

Mubarak Mohammed http://mobarakalmansoori.blogspot.com/

Nasser Mohammed

Obaid Ahmed

Omar Abdalla http://omaralqayedi.blogspot.com/

Rasheed Mohammed http://rashedmohd.blogspot.com/

Saeed Ali Ahmad http://saeedalateer.blogspot.com/

Saeed Ali Mubarak http://alshamsi3.blogspot.com/

Saeed Ali Saeed http://saeedalhebsy.blogspot.com/

Saeed Salem http://saeesalem.blogspot.com/ final project: http://saeedsalema.blogspot.com/

Saif Ahmed http://saifalayammahi.blogspot.com/

Saif Ali Mubarak http://saifalmazroeuei.blogspot.com/ 

Yousef Khaled http://boghaith.blogspot.com/ 

Yousef Mohammed http://yousufalshamsi.blogspot.com/



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