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Weeks 16-19: Start your FINAL PROJECT

 - Create your survey & collect data

 - Present your data in PowerPoint slides with clean and consistent style and animations


Review these handouts - MUST be completed July 26


See an example of how to explain the purpose of your survey and how the charts give you information about the purpose here: http://vancestevens.posterous.com/a-small-research-project-on-student-attitudes


This presentation was given online at a conference in India.  In the presentation Vance explains how he uses the tools we are learning in this course to model desired learning outcomes for students in NC13





Work on this for July 4 and 5, 2012 - Get the handout here

Create your survey


Creating a good Questionnaire is the most important part of the survey process.

This is why you must take particular care with this part of your project.


From teacher feedback in  your Google Doc, perfect your survey with three good questions that will get you meaningful data

  1. Update your survey in your Google Doc (the one you created at the end of May)
  2. Get  your teacher's approval to proceed with the next step


Create the questionnaire you will use in your survey

  1. Create your questionnaire either in Word or in Survey Monkey 
    See how to use Survey Monkey here: http://vancestevens.posterous.com/creating-and-publishing-surveys-in-survey-mon 
    1. Send the Word attachment or Survey Monkey link to vstevens@hct.ac.ae 
    2. Get your teacher's approval to proceed with the next step


Here are some STUDENT surveys you can take in SURVEY MONKEY

Here's a sample survey, only for NC-13 students: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LR5F8WV


Class A (approved)



Class B (approved)



Class C (approved)



Class D (approved)


Need more respondents, please help:

Mubarak http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LTK2ZCF 

Mohammed Ahmed http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Z6QT7K8

Saif Al Yammahi http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Z6XXLN5

Hamad Ahmad http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LTD8ZTH


Take this demo survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LR5F8WV 


These are not yet APPROVED, email sent to say why, or feedback in Google Doc provided -  

  • Yousef Khaled s/F8RWKLM 



Work on this from July 8 to 12, 2012

Administer your survey and record the data


Give your survey to 5 to 10 friends, teachers, family, or to anyone you like 

  1. Give your survey anonymously (don't ask anyone to write their name on the survey)
  2. Count the results from your survey for each of the three questions


Record results of your data in SurveyMonkey or Excel

  1. have other teachers, students, friends, or family members complete your survey BETWEEN classes 
  2. Keep track of the data in http://SurveyMonkey.com or Excel 


Work on this from July 15 to 19, 2012 

Visualize your data


Make charts from your data

  1. In SurveyMonkey you can copy the charts that the web site generates 
  2. Otherwise, enter your data into Excel and use the chart wizard to produce a chart with results


SHARE your charts in a GOOGLE DOC with vancestev@gmail.com

  1. At the start of your Google Doc write out the the purpose of your study 
  2. For EACH CHART write out what THAT chart means and how it INFORMS the purpose of your study.
    In other words, What have you learned from each chart and what can you tell us in your presentation so that we can learn too? 
  3. At the end of the document, write a sentence explaining what we have all learned from your work 


Update your BLOG in Blogger

  1. Create a second post tracking your learning in your academic communication course so far
  2. You don't have to notify your teacher with this is done (unless you change your blog address)
    1. Your teacher will SUBSCRIBE to your blog in Google Reader
    2. He will show you how he can then see when you have updated your blog
    3. You will get a marking scheme so you can see how this blog post is marked
      1. The mark will include EDITING your first post
      2. This post should be a little longer than the first
      3. Each post should have a TITLE (the title will be automatically hyperlinked) 


  • 10 points (your post has a title)
  • 50 points - 5 points for each sentence up to ten  
  • 20 points - Your post is a paragraph written to include band 5 cohesive devices; see http://tinyurl.com/band5cohesion 
  • 10 points - Your post has been spell checked and grammar checked (copy and paste it into Word and correct any errors you find there)
  • 10 points - You post is a good reflection on what you are learning at the Naval Collect 


Get the blogger marking scheme here 


One student, who reads this wiki, wrote to ask WHY??  I answered ...


When I said I wanted ten sentences, I meant paragraphs with at least ten sentences.  It’s very unusual to post in blogs without writing paragraphs.  I never heard of that before, so it didn’t occur to me that students would do that.


When you write sentences and not paragraphs this is not helping you write at IELTS standard.  To achieve band 5, your goal, you need to be linking those sentences together.


When I started seeing some of the posts I realized I was getting sentences with no cohesion as paragraphs, and also people were posting materials they had got through translators.  Just pasting this kind of writing into Word reveals where the garbage is. So try it, copy your post into Word and mistakes should be highlighted.  You can correct them there, then copy the corrected work back to your blog post.


I'll be meeting all your classes this week on Thursday.  I’ll collect Viewpoints books and help you with your blogs and Google Docs.  Whatever you submit on Thursday as your own original work will be given a grade during the break.


Your Google Docs will be marked on how well you state the purpose of your survey, and how whether you use language like that on pages 28-29 in Viewpoints to describe the data in your charts.  I will be looking at how well and completely you describe that data.



Complete Viewpoints pp.29-31


  1. Page 29 - Listen to HCT network drive / Student Collections / Viewpoints - Track 10; then ...
    1. Exercise 2A, write one ORIGINAL sentence about the data in each of the charts #1-#4 on p. 28 
    2. Exercise 2C - You can create visual aids in either Excel or SurveyMonkey (see below)
    3. Exercise 2D - You'll make a presentation in PowerPoint (see below)
  2. Page 30
    1. write your TOPIC and at least 3 survey questions from exercise 2A on p.23  
  3. Page 31
    1. complete the information for YOUR survey presentation 
    2. submit the book BEFORE completing you PowerPoint (PPT) presentation



Work on this from July 22 to 26, 2012 

Create your PowerPoint

See more about how to do this on the Final Projects - Presentations page in the Sidebar ===>

for Weeks 24-26


Learn the FOUR C's of PowerPoint: Clean, Clear, Consistent, Creative

There is more information at http://www.pimoodle.org/course/view.php?id=31


Make all elements in the presentation CONSISTENT

Here you can learn to animate your slides and apply clean, clear, and consistent style according to the rules of Good Presentations and the animation scheme described above. 


  • Apply animation so that
    1. the first slide has NO ANIMATION or TRANSITION.
    2. All other slides have 
      1. the same transition or transition pattern
      2. titles that animate WITH PREVIOUS
      3. bullets that EACH animate ON CLICK
      4. Pictures should animate consistently and with a previous event


  • You will be marked on
    • how your show follows the above criteria
    • whether your presentation meets the Guidelines for Making Good Presentations
    • design and clarity of your presentation



Create a PowerPoint slide show to present your results

  1. The chart presents the findings from 2 questions from your Survey 
  2. The slide show should be short, maximum 6 slides
    1. Title slide
    2. Reason for survey
    3. question 1 results
    4. question 2 results
    5. findings
    6. conclusion 
  3. It must follow the rules for good presentations as in this model:
  4. It should have consistent animation effects as shown here:
  5. It should have a chart for each questions generated by SurveyMonkey or Excel  


Indenting in PowerPoint



Work on this after the summer break and Eid holiday



Present your data

  1. Either in class AND / OR
  2. Upload your slide presentation to http://slideshare.net 
    1. Record your presentation in Audacity from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
    2. Synchronize the voice recording with your presentation at http://slideshare.net  
  3. Your work will be graded IN PART on this marking scheme:




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