IELTS Practice and Preparation


The Amelia Earhart enigma


Use Google and this link to learn more




  1. Watch the video at the link above
  2. Answer the 13 Quiz questions
  3. Put your NAME, ID, and CLASS on a sheet of paper
  4. On the paper, write in your words
    1. Who was Amelia Earhart?
    2. What is the enigma about her disappearance?
    3. What do YOU think happened to her?
  5. Hand the paper to the teacher by the end of the class 
    as evidence of your work and progress in class today 


How your work will be marked: click here



If you have more time, Googe IELTS games online 

  1. Make a TinyURL of the link to an IELTS game you think the class would enjoy 
  2. On the paper
    1. Write the name of the game and its TinyURL
    2. Write down WHY you think the class will enjoy this game.